A directory of lean internet websites

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Here is a directory of websites that follow the leanternet principles:

News : Hacker News
News : NPR
News : CNN
News : The Christian Science Monitor
News : Legible News
News : ReadSpike
Search : DuckDuckGo Lite
Search : Wiby
Weather : wttr web and console
Game : Klondike Solitaire
Service : Self Destruct Websites
Forum : Whirlpool.net Forums
Forum : Crazy Guy on a Bike - A place for bicycle tourists and their journals
Service : Hurricane Electric DNS
Reference : Ycombinator Startup Library
Reference : RefDesk.com
Reference : Cars101 - Subaru research and information website
Reference : GOV.uk
Reference : Mobile Wikipedia
Reference : Health A to Z
Reference : Harward Law Review
Blog : Paul Graham Essays
Blog : Arts & Letters Daily
Blog : Words and Buttons
Blog : Gwern
Blog : Hugo Tunius
Blog : Kelly Sutton
Blog : Fabrice Bellard
Blog : Peter Norvig
Blog : Sam Altman
Blog : Science Hobbyist
Blog : Alex Dragusin (my blog)
Archive : Yarchive - Usenet Archives
Archive : TextFiles.com

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